It's 1913, and, thousands of women gather in Washington, D.C. to march for a constitutional amendment guaranteeing women the right to vote. For a family audience of all ages, this emotional story is told from the perspective of the women who led the charge and paved the way for the fight for equality. 

written by Jennie Contuzzi

directed by Mikaela Kafka


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Coming in 2021

Counting by Sevens is an original work, devised by STC from the poems of Ann Wallace, that features dance, original music, filmed pieces and live projections.

based on poems by Ann Wallace

Directed by Diana Basmajian

Unveiling Liberty is set in 1886. Ten-year-old Isabelle is enamored of the enormous statue about to be unveiled in New York harbor. Her father and brother are going to go watch the dedication, and Isabelle doesn't understand why she's not allowed, just because she's a girl. But it turns out that the very thing Isabelle loves about the statue - that a woman has been chosen to represent liberty - has drawn the attention of the Woman's Suffrage Association. They have something to say about it and a daring plan to make themselves heard. 

written by Charlotte Rahn-Lee and Jennie Contuzzi

directed by Mikaela Kafka

Now booking for touring. Contact for rates and more information.